Hamilton Boys Soccer Shutout By Unity Christian

By: Christian DiCesare

HAMILTON, Mich. – On September 16th, the Hamilton boys soccer team faced off against the Unity Christian Crusaders. The final score was 5-0 with the Crusaders coming out on top. Unity has been known to have an exceptional soccer team in previous years so the Hawkeyes knew it was going to be a tough game coming into the contest.

Overall, the Hawkeyes were physically outmatched throughout the entire 80 minutes of play. Hamilton’s Coach Robinson described it as, “We were mostly pups as opposed to sharks when it came to physical battles… especially on dead balls/set plays.”, but he then went on to say that they will keep working hard on this issue in practice as it has been hurting them over the course of this season.

Unity Christian goalie Mikah Sengmany had an outstanding performance with 10 saves. This stopped the Hawkeyes from being able to produce anything on the offensive end of the field. Despite the outcome, the Hawkeyes are looking to learn from their loss and improve for their next conference game against the Holland Dutch on Monday, September 28.