The “Strokes” of a new Season

By: Daria Wedeven

The Hamilton varsity girls swim team are starting off another great season.  With opponents of Otsego, Hudsonville, Wayland and Manistee, the girls have performed well and were victorious against Otsego as well as Manistee and Wayland.

Top performances have been from senior Rileigh Eding and sophomore Paige Kuhn, both made state cuts at the Hudsonville meet and are once again looking at a promising future season. “I think the team is looking great, everyone is dropping times and working really hard in practice,” says Paige Kuhn.

Although the team is without Kaitlyn Meiste and Stefani Johnson, two state swimmers, the Hamilton swim team is still working hard and are looking for potential from new swimmers with promising careers. “With the two girls gone, it’s giving other people a chance to step up, without just having the excuse of ‘they’ve got it covered’,” senior Andrea Gruppen comments on the young team this year.

The Hamilton swimmers are working towards being as strong as they can be, and are striving for greatness just like the team did last year.

The girls are looking forward to their season this year and are back in action at home on October 20 at 6:30.