Friday Night Preview: Hamilton vs Unity Christian

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Ben Koopman

Unity Christian 42, Hamilton 6

Unity Christian comes in with a 3-2 record, compared to Hamilton’s 1-4 season. The Crusaders run a very similar offense to Zeeland West and Hastings, which Hamilton surrendered 58 and 49 points respectively. I expect Unity’s key running back Christian Bos to put up over 100 yards rushing, as he has been very impressive this season. The Hawkeyes are also without leading receiver Lucas Reimink as well as two other wide-outs.


Tyler DeFouw

Unity Christian 39, Hamilton 19

Unity Christian comes in with a 3-2 record which they just came off a bad loss to Byron Center. Hamilton hopefully will finally start to figure out how to score in the red zone but won’t be able to keep up with the high powered Unity Christian offense. Hamilton’s defense will also not be able to slow down the running back Christian Bos who will destroy the Hawkeye defense.  


Landen Kleinheksel

Unity Christian 35, Hamilton 18

Unity has a 3-2 record so far this year while the Hawkeyes have a 1-4 record.  Both teams  have been getting better throughout the year but Unity Christian has beaten Allendale while the Hawkeyes lost a tough game to the Falcons.  Unity Christian is coming off of a hard fought battle to Byron Center.  The Hawkeyes have came off a hard loss to Zeeland West.  I believe that the Hawkeyes will play a tough game this week but fall short of the Crusaders which run a Wing T offense.  Also, the Hawkeyes are without one of their star receivers Lucas Reimink while the Crusaders are going to put the ball in their star running back Christian Bos which I can see that he will have another impressive game.


Landon Timmer

Unity Christian 48, Hamilton 20

Unity Christian is coming into this week’s matchup with a 3-2 record and Hamilton 1-4.  Although Unity doesn’t have an overly impressive record they have played some quality teams including Byron Center and West Catholic who are among the top teams in the state.  The Crusaders are led on both sides of the ball by Christian and David Bos.  Unity runs the Wing-T that gives the brothers the opportunity to shine, and they have done just that.  The Hawkeyes have struggled with stopping the Wing-T against teams like Hastings and Zeeland West  especially the run game.  I would look for a close game to start but the Crusaders will ultimately pull away for a victory.


Deven Friday

Unity 36, Hamilton 13

This week Hamilton faces the 86th ranked Unity Christian football team. Hamilton will have a hard loss this week in their Purple game, to support cancer research. Unity runs the Wing-T offense that Hamilton has proved time and time again they can’t defend against. Hamilton will try their best but will drop this game against Unity, but at least they’ll lose in style with those new purple uniforms.


Prediction Team Standings:

Ben Koopman: 3-0

Tyler DeFouw: 2-1

Landon Timmer: 2-1

Landen Kleinheksel: 2-1

Deven Friday: 2-1