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HHsvsHHsFriday Night Preview: Hamilton vs Holland

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Ben Koopman

Holland 20, Hamilton 14

Both teams come in with a less than stellar 1-5 record. Hamilton will be able to move the ball on a weak Holland defense. The Dutch feature a strong 6’6” quarterback Wade Buckman, a fourth year starter. Hamilton is still without 3 key receivers, Lucas Reimink, Quine Keomoungkhoune and Camden Blood. That being said, the Hawkeyes will fall short and leave the crowd disappointed on Homecoming night. 

For Homecoming King and Queen I’m predicting Brad Dekker and Emma VanSlooten.


Tyler DeFouw

Holland 21, Hamilton 19

Both Hamilton and Holland are off to rough starts this season, and their 1-5 record show it. Hamilton’s offense has struggled to move the ball, Holland will potentially provide a break from that trend but Hamilton still won’t find a way to win because they are without 3 of their star receivers.

This year’s Homecoming King will be Brad Dekker and the Queen will be Emma VanSlooten.


Landen Kleinheksel

Hamilton 18, Holland 13

I believe that the Hawkeyes will take the win this week against the Dutch.  The two teams are coming into the game with 1-5 records but I think the Hawkeyes will come out on top with it being their homecoming game.  I believe even without their strongest receiver Lucas Reimink they will come out hot but when they get the ball into the endzone they will fail to convert the extra points.  I also believe that the Hawkeye defense will stop Wade Buckman, Demetrius Lake, and the Dutch defense as the Hawkeyes will get a much needed win for their Homecoming game.


Landon Timmer

Hamilton 28, Holland 21

Holland and Hamilton are very similar in their approach to the game.  They’re both coming into this week’s matchup with a 1-5 record and no conference wins.  They also run pretty much the same offense, the spread.  Hamilton has been improving at stopping the other team’s offense but has yet to do so for a full game.  Last week against Unity, the Hawkeyes were able to hold Unity in check in the first half with some solid defense but they quickly fell apart in the second half. The main challenge for the Hawkeyes will be stopping Demetrius Lake from getting in the open field.  Lake is Holland’s all-around player that can be seen in almost any skill position.  It should be a close game however the Hawkeyes should be able to pull of a homecoming victory.


Deven Friday

Hamilton 26, Holland 20

Hamilton will take the win this week against Holland. After the hard starts to both programs with 1-5 records Hamilton is out to prove that they are better than their reputation and record show. Although one of Hamilton’s seniors, Quine Keomoungkhoune is out for this game Hamilton has other threats on both offense and defense to make up for it. Holland only has one main threat, Demetrius Lake, but with Hamilton’s great practice this week they can handle the only Holland threat. This week also happens to be Hamilton’s Homecoming game, so everyone knows that they will be on the very top of their game trying to get the important win.


Prediction Team Standings:

Ben Koopman: 4-0

Tyler DeFouw: 3-1

Landon Timmer: 3-1

Landen Kleinheksel: 3-1

Deven Friday: 3-1