Hamilton Makes Change At Top of Football Program

By: Nate Dreyer and Emma Jennings


HAMILTON, Mich.- The last several years  Hamilton football has seen final results that have fallen below what had become the typical expectation here in Hamilton. With those expectations, the decision for a change in leadership within the program was made, as, head coach Chad Miller was relieved of his coaching duties here at Hamilton after three years and a 4-23 record.


Hamilton Athletic Director Jerry Haggerty spoke about the situation and made it clear that Miller is a man of high integrity and character.  He was not let go for any reasons along those lines.


“(Chad) is a good, good, good man” that “bailed (the program) out of a tough situation three years ago.” Ultimately the decision came down to the fact that Coach Miller “gave it his best shot for three years… but it just didn’t work.”


Coach Miller talked more about the reasoning he was given for the decision, and his thoughts on that decision.  “(The team) had been 1-8 for three years in a row… (and that’s) obviously unacceptable.”  Additionally, he was told that the deciding factor revolved around Coach Miller not gaining the full support of the community as a whole.  “I hadn’t garnered the trust or buy in of the players, parents, community, and things like that.” However, he disagreed with this part of the decision as he was told that he was ‘doing things right’ and he added by saying that Mr.Haggerty had echoed this idea.


Miller did not want to use this as an excuse for the record that the team has produced the last few years as he stated that “wins matter”, and that “nobody knows better than I do that 1-8’s not good enough.”


One of the last key decisions that Coach Miller made was when to tell the kids that they would not have the same man leading them next season. There was a timing to his dismissal that made this somewhat difficult for Coach Miller and his staff, as he found out roughly a week before the football team banquet.


In the end, it was decided that the banquet was not the right place to talk about the decision.


“(We) didn’t want to detract from the meaning of the evening”, Coach Miller said.


The coaches decided to tell the players the next day, so there wasn’t a chance of any more news potentially leaking out.


Decisions like this were what had made Coach Miller popular among many of the players, despite the team’s struggles.


Junior quarterback Keaton Mudd helped illustrate this idea in talking about how “I loved being around him” and that “(Coach Miller) is one one of the best men I know.”


Moving on from here the process to determine the next head coach has already begun. As per the Hamilton Community Schools contract, the job has been posted internally. A deadline for application on this posting has be listed for this Friday, November 27. Following the deadline, the administration will review those candidates. According to Mr. Haggerty, even if there are applicants from within, they still hold the option to look externally for the next coach.


All things considered, Mr. Miller will still look back fondly on his years at the head of the program . As he thought about  watching the kids grow and take initiative in the program, and how they wanted “people to be afraid to play Hamilton.” He still wishes the best to the kids moving forward and hopes that “Even though it won’t be me, I hope they will go 9-0 next year.”
Stay tuned to Covering Hawkeye Sports in the coming weeks for an update on the future of the Hamilton football program.