Competitive Cheer Takes 4th in Season Opening Performance

By: Devin Christian

OTSEGO, Mich.-The Hamilton competitive cheer team stormed the mat on Saturday, December 12, at Otsego High School. The girls took 4th place out of the six division two teams

The girls were close to bringing home a 3rd place ribbon with 646.08 total points but Vicksburg barely snatched the lead over Hamilton with a close 652.32 points. However, by scoring 197 points in just the first round, the girls did set their new record.

With last year’s head coach, Emillie Gort, leaving along with 8 expected returning girls, they were still looking forward to the Saturday jamboree. The assistant coach Chantel Taylor stepped up to the position along with 7 new coming cheerleaders. The new head coach Mrs. Taylor stated after the game, “The ladies did well for their first meet, though there is room for improvement. They will only get better from here, and I am confident with the skills they bring on and off the mat.”

The Girls struggled with having to drop a stunt group, but they are building a stronger one for the next meet. As Coach Taylor stated her confidence the girls have been taking that into practice and into the preparation for the upcoming conference meet.

The Competitive Cheer Team is away this Wednesday as they take on the conference at the Mona Shores Invitational.