Fall Sports Athletes Enter the DC/Marvel Universe

By: Kaleb Moore

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there was actual superheroes among us? Looking at  all of the varsity fall athletes, here is who best resembles those from the Marvel and DC world.



Tyler Guerink is a tremendous athlete who works hard everyday to make the football team better. One look at Guerink, and there’s no doubt that he parallels the physical and mental attributes of the almighty Thor. Both of their signature looks come with an alluring wave of long blonde hair, and very robust body. Guerink also has the same mental toughness out on the field, as Thor does during his battles.



In addition, the boys soccer team also has an of athlete who mirrors a superhero. Seth Hukill relates to the Green Arrow and his success. Both have medium blonde hair, which can be flipped from time to time. They also have the desire to complete their mission no matter what. Seth even has the sharp accuracy when it comes to passing a soccer ball, as the Green Arrow has with shooting his bow and arrow.



Next is Sarah Buresh….the She Hulk. Sarah uses her athletic ability by playing Volleyball for the Hawkeyes. Her outstanding strength and effort allows for quick success on and off the court. When she hits the weight room, even the guys are scared. Hamilton football athlete Justin Stezowski even said, “Not only does she intimidate me, but she puts fear in the eyes of most guys.”



Another player that represents a hero comes from the girls cross country team. Erika Freyhof is just like the DC hero Wonder Woman. This is because they both have superhuman speed. Erika ran a 5K in a total time of 17:29, and most boys can’t even do that. There’s also the fact that Wonder Woman and Erika have these long legged strides which allow for more distance to be covered within each step. This leaves us with no doubt that Erika is super.



Continuing with Hamilton athletes being super, I’m taking you to the boys cross country team where we have the DC superhero Booster Gold running 5K’s. Caleb Topp is this hero. Though Topp isn’t similar to Booster’s super strength, he carries a strong mental strength to get him through races. He also has similar blonde hair to Booster which fits each other well. Furthermore, they both have prosperous goals which helps them succeed. With this said, Topp is Booster Gold.



Another essential superhero is Superman. Now, who fits this better than Noah Costello from the Hamilton Tennis team. His glasses act as a disguise from who he really is within. Noah’s ultimate confidence is so vigor that opponents fear to compete with him. This is just like all those bad guys who run away when they catch sight of Superman. Adding to this, they both have sharp black hair which represents both the normal and extraordinary personalities each has.



Then there’s Sydney Eustice who represents the Black Canary. Sydney finds ways to play golf sly and stealthy. She could be down at the beginning of a match, but finds a way to sneak up to the top two. The Black Canary is just like this. She helps the Green Arrow, and uses her psychic powers to fight crime. Another way both are similar is their long blonde hair. This gives each a distinct, recognizable look.



Lastly, there’s Paige Kuhn who compares to the Invisible Woman. Her speed in the pool is so fast, it’s like she disappears from the other swimmers. So obviously, they both are invisible in a way, but they also have the long and straight blonde hair. With all those similarities each carry, there’s no hesitation that she is the superhero, Invisible Woman.