Erika Freyhof Receives MHSAA Scholarship Finalist Position

By: Daria Wedeven

Hamilton’s Erika Freyhof is known in the community for her record setting times on the track and cross country course. Breaking 3 school records, Freyhof has been one of the most successful competitive runners in Hamilton’s history, and has made her mark.

Erika continues her success in the world of academics, and has recently received a finalist position for the MHSAA Farm Bureau scholarship. “In my opinion, it’s one of the most prestigious student scholar award, and an honor to receive,” says Athletic Director Jordan Bandstra.

Student athletes must have a 3.5 GPA as well as receive a varsity letter their senior year in order to become eligible for the scholarship. Winners will receive $1,000.

Applicants are required to write an essay on what they believe the word “sportsmanship” means to them and how it has affected their lives. Scholars must also answer two short answer questions regarding what athletics has taught them, as well as how they plan to carry what they’ve learned throughout their athletic career, into their future.

The competition is judged and evaluated by athletic directors, coaches, principals, and superintendents. Students are not only judged on their athletic accomplishments, but also the extra curricular involvement and leadership skills. Evaluators have chosen 120 finalists out of the 1,500 initial applicants. From there, it is divided into classes, for class B, there were 16 finalists chosen and four overall winners for female athletes. Erika Freyhof received a finalist position, which comes with great honor. But, unfortunately, did not receive the scholarship. As a community we are very proud to congratulate her on her finalist position and look forward to her future accomplishments.