Hamilton Insider: Boys Basketball Coach Brant Haverdink

By: Amanda Couturier

Coach Haverdink guides his team through conference games to their primary goal of a conference championship.

Coach Haverdink is a successful coach and has been coaching at Hamilton High School for 15 years. For some people, that may be a lot. But for him, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He plans to continue until he physically can’t anymore. When Haverdink was young and playing basketball, he knew he wanted to be a coach. He didn’t need others to tell him that, it was just what he wanted to do. And so, after years have passed by, Haverdink has gained a lot of experience and would say one of his greatest highlights was all the hair he lost.

Some of the coach’s philosophies throughout the years included the fundamental theme; “Right Now.” This theme means that the team understands what they need to do to make themselves better. It is essential that each and every player works hard and gets better. Coach Haverdink states that, “we can’t be a successful team without all thirteen.” Every player is needed on the team, and they can’t be functioning without each person’s participation.

Some challenges that Coach Haverdink faces is that basketball requires a small team. Not many players are needed, and so it has both positives and negatives. Sometimes, it’s easy to get to know each other and become close with one another, but it’s also easy to get on each other’s nerves, especially when hearing the same voice constantly. This is a difficult obstacle to overcome, and one that Haverdink is facing now. But, with hard work, patience, and understanding, they can overcome.

Within Haverdink’s current team, there are eight returners from last year, each hungry to improve. Those returning players include #10 Justin Stezowski, #14 Kaleb Moore, #22 Tyler Geurink, #32 Tyler Eding, #50 Brady Eding, and some young sophomores, #12 Jacob Visscher and #30 Brad Osborne. They bring a new edge to the team this year because they are so much more experienced now. Since they did well last year, Coach Haverdink was expecting to do just as good, if not better this year.

At the beginning of the season, Coach Haverdink expressed that he was, “looking forward to a good group of guys who [were] motivated and want[ed] to win,” and that’s exactly what he received. One of the team’s goals was, and is still, winning a conference championship, “[Their] practices,” Haverdink explains, “has a new level of intensity.” Last year, the returners worked hard together and so the mix of returners and youth gives it a whole new level of fierceness.

Their record this year is 5 wins and 9 losses and though it doesn’t fully reflect their potential, it means room for great improvement. They continue on into conference with a drive to win, see them next time at Forest Hills on Friday the 17th.