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5/3 Park offers entertainment beyond baseball

Written by CHS Staff

by Randy Koopman and Colin Zoerhof

Grand Rapids, MICH – In minor league baseball they do a lot of activities to promote fan interaction. They do a lot of mini-games in between innings. At the Whitecaps’ games they did a game where the contestants dress up in burger costumes and make a burger before the other “team” does. Another thing they did was have 3 eyeballs run at a pace depending how different sections of the crowd cheered. They also had a little kid come out and say “play ball”. They care more about the crowd than who wins the game. Before the game started they had a scientist experiment guy out on the field to do cool, harmless things and had kids come out to do some of the stuff and keep them all entertained.

For the Majors they don’t have to do any of that, they make their money by promoting big name players and making you wanna come see some of the best play. The Minors can’t do that, If they promote someone who is playing really good, by the time some people come to watch that one player. There’s a good chance that they will have been moved up and playing in the majors. That’s why they have to promote stuff like “Dime Dogs” or fireworks.