Girls Tennis Falls Short in OK Green Invitational

By: Jaxon Calkins


HOLLAND, MI- On Tuesday May 9, The girl’s tennis team participated in the OK Green tournament but managed to fall short of a satisfying victory. Managing to finish first place only one time in the whole tournament.

This girl’s track team was notorious for doing well this season but fell short in this year’s OK Green tournament. The girls started off strong finishing first in the third singles match of the day and finished third in the fourth. Right when the girls started to do good the doubles started and that’s where we fell short. The girls sadly only got 4th place as their best in the doubles part of the tournament. Although they didn’t do the greatest, the refused to let that get the best of them and tried their hardest through the entire tournament. Going up against tough competition this year led the girls team to only finish in 5th place out of 7 in the tournament.

The girls team isn’t going to let this get the best of them and try to finish this season as strong as possible. You can catch your local girl’s tennis team on May 15 against comstock park at home.