Hawkeyes Face Dux In A Tough Showdown

By: Caleb Berens

On Monday our girls soccer team traveled to Zeeland West for a tense showdown against the Dux. The battle ended up with ZW on top winning 2-1 but that victory was not easily won with this game being a well fought battle fought on both sides.


Before halftime was up the Hawkeyes managed to score a goal against ZW’s threatening defense from Justine Bronkhorst and the defense held tight down on all of Zeeland West’s offense. However in the beginning of the second half the Dux managed to break through and score a tough, long goal. Hamilton retaliated with many shots on goal throughout the second half but didn’t find themselves scoring on those chances being resisted by a strong ZW defense.  The Hawkeye defense fought hard throughout the second half shutting down the Dux’s offense with team goalkeeper Taryn Meiste leading the way with 8 saves for the game. However, in the last 10 minutes of the game the Dux managed to score on a loose ball in the box putting ZW up by a goal. When asked about the biggest strength of Hamilton for the game however Coach Robinson stated that, “we consistently fight tooth and nail until the end of games no matter the situation on the scoreboard. (Monday) was no different!” Which is an accurate testament to how the game went. Because in the last minutes of the game Hawkeyes Bria Schrotenboer and Laura Helder had a rush for the goal. They broke through some defenders and made a last attempt for a goal to tie it up, but thanks to the post the game was ended at 2-1.

With a hard fought battle the Hawkeyes have nothing to be ashamed of and will likely see the Dux in the post-season after their last regular season game coming up this Friday against Allendale,  as of current their regular season record is 8-8-1.