Lady Hawkeyes fall to the Trojans

By: Julianna Warnock


With the lady Hawkeyes going against the state-ranked T.K, they did come out with a loss 0-2, but they fought a hard game. Taryn Meiste had 12 great saves throughout the whole game, and both teams had really good chances in scoring and T.K had very lucky scores midway through the second half. This non-conference game was a hard game but as Taryn Meiste quoted “ We need to lose sometimes to know how good it feels to win our next game, and we just need to stay as a team and push each other to be a better athlete as well as a better person.”
The Lady Hawkeyes are now at a 8-7-1 in their season and their next game will be Home against Zeeland East, this Wednesday, May 24th.