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West Michigan Whitecaps history

Written by CHS Staff

by Ian LaPoint

The west michigan whitecaps where first started in 1994. Since then the whitecaps have won six championships in 1996, 1998, 2004, 2006, 2007 and, 2015.

The whitecaps are a minor league team and,they have been getting their players from the detroit tigers since the beginning. How that works is the detroit tigers send their drafted rookies to the whitecaps. This process helps the tigers by not having to spend extra time training them to become better, also the tigers send their rehabilitating players to the whitecaps to get better and heal up.

The whitecaps have been a family getaway for many years and they hope to keep it this way. This is what has made them so special for all the years they’ve been around.the whitecaps proud themselves for they’re being family friendly holding school days for many year were schools come from all around michigan to let their student have a day off and enjoy themselves.

Since the whitecaps have become so successful their technology has upgraded with them and their fans experience. The whitecaps have come a long way from where they began they were so focused on winning in their early years they didn’t really pay attention to the fan experience until recently. The whitecaps have gone from focused on winning to just wanting families to have a fun day out at the ballpark and, they have achieved this mission. The whitecaps have come a long way since the beginning and they should be proud of themselves.