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Whitecaps game ‘fun’ for CHS class

Written by CHS Staff

by Bradley Osborne

The CHS team headed to Fifth Third ballpark to get some creative ideas for the future of Covering Hawkeye Sports. The students who participated seemed to really enjoy the experience as we were taken upstairs to see broadcasting systems, broadcasters, and were told many ideas that we can use for our social media.

Kaleb Essink was able to have a great experience broadcasting in the fifth and sixth inning. When asked about his experience, Essink said, “Sitting in the booth really gave me a picture of what I want for my career. Mike and Dan taught me a lot about different situations of sports broadcasting and their experiences were fun talking points.”

The game yesterday was a kids day. So at the park yesterday, many elementary aged kids attended. They made the stadium quite loud and were constant energy for the whole 9 innings.

Before the game began, there was a scientist there doing some demonstrations. These were meant for the young kids to get the opportunity to come out on the field and try a cool science experiment. But our kids wanted in on some of the fun as well. John Dekkinga was elected to go out on the field and participate. Unfortunately for the little kid, the experiment was tug of war so he couldn’t really participate but it was a funny experience for us all. When John was asked about his experience out there, he said, “It was cool going out on the field and being on the big screen.”

We arrived by about 9:00 and by the time the game started, most of the class was hungry for some snacks and some kids even lunch. The post popular item that was purchased as a class were the french fries. Just about half the class had some fries at some point. There were full meals that included a cheeseburger and even a pork sandwich. There was lots of variety and you could get several lunch and snack items

Yes the food was great, but since we were at the ballpark, all of the items were very expensive. For a large fry, the cost comes up to $5. And for a souvenir cup it is $4.50. That didn’t stop us from buying however.

The experience was fun for the class and we learned several new ideas we can implement into our class. It was a different and cool experience because we were still learning but in a different more unique way. And besides, who doesn’t like to miss a day of school anyway?