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Whitecaps have no shortage of tasty treats

Written by CHS Staff

When you think about classic baseball food you think of hotdogs and burgers. Whitecaps incorporate so much more than the basics. One of their most popular items on the menu is the Fifth Third Burger. This burger is a whopping 4lb and 4800 calories.

The ballpark management calls it “The most unhealthy ever sold in a ballpark.”

This burger is number 3 on the top 10 burgers to die for list. The burger brings in a ton of people into the park, which is one of their biggest goals. They also incorporate their fans by their food by naming the food items kids friendly. They have the junior dog for kid and crash kids meal.

They also have junk food that brings a lot of kids attention. They have dippin dots, elephant ears, licorice ropes and many more.

One of their smartest ways to get their fans involved is by letting them vote on food products that should be added to the menu. Every year they let fans send in food items and if people vote for the food then it would be added into the menu. The overall goal is to get families to have fun and believe it or not, by adding special names to their food and by adding special food.

The white caps also offered a wide variety of foods from pretzels to pulled pork sandwiches. They also appealed to adults in a wide variety in alcohol, as alcohol is very popular with baseball. The white caps do a very well job of reaching out to all types of fans and their favorite foods and also scenario food like if it’s cold they offer hot chocolate and if it’s hot out they offer a lot of cold beverages and ice cream.