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Whitecaps Kid’s Day a huge success

Written by CHS Staff

by Brendan Ritchie and Mason Timmer

The Whitecaps had a School Days game on Wednesday. The main point of the day was for school age kids to get out of school and come enjoy a game. Mickey Gram the Whitecaps Director of Marketing and Media Relations told the CHS team:

Mickey Gram the Whitecaps Director of Marketing and Media Relations told the CHS team
“We care more about the fun times that the kids have than if we win or not, winning is good but the fun times are the most important”

There were a lot of different events for the kids to enjoy. Before the game a gentleman from the Detroit Science Center came onto the field and did many different entertaining experiments with the kids.

Including little explosions with water and alka seltzer. He had many school age kids come down onto the field and help with the experiments, including CHS’s own John Dekkinga.
They had cameras so the kids would feel special because they were on the big screen.

Between innings they would have many different cameras showing the kids having fun at the game. Then since the kids would be on the Jumbotron they would get feel included in the game and it created a great family fun environment.

Also between innings the kids participate in relay races, including the eyeball race, appliance race and the make a burger race.

They had many different contests. They had “Tweet Your Seat” and then you would win a prize. CHS’s own Jess Rockhold won the Tweet Your Seat. The Whitecaps employees would also throw things into the crowd for the kids such as frisbees and balls.

For Kids day they had many kid friendly food options, such as Dippin’ Dots, Candy, Gatorade, and they even sold fidget spinners, the popular new trend sweeping through schools.

Kids day was good for the kids. The Whitecaps worked hard to make the game fun specifically for the kids as well as everyone else in the fan base. The Whitecaps gave the CHS team a lot of new ideas that we will use to improve our program. The CHS program appreciates everything the Whitecaps team did for us. It was a great experience and we would go back in a heartbeat.