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Whitecaps shop offers myriad of fan apparel

Written by CHS Staff

by Natalia Monarrez

At the shop many of the prices were varied from clothing to pet items. Most of the clothing was reasonable but others weren’t. The T-shirts that just had Whitecaps Baseball were at a reasonable price from $16-$25. For the dri-fit and the more “silky” material were more expensive from $40-$50. The more expensive clothing should be brought down so that more people will be willing to pay for those items. For the novelties some of their items should be reconsidered such as the pet items such as the leash and collars not many people buy those. The foam fingers, baseballs,bats,etc are at a good price and get a lot of people to buy them because it attracts the kids to go and buy those items because they find them appealing and want them. The prices were reasonable but some of the higher prices should be lowered so that they could get more people to be more appealed because of the price. Don’t want people to look at something and then suddenly not want it because they look at the prices that’s one thing i could see as a change. Although there are people at the entrance of the store they should have better security especially on packed days with a bunch of little kids who can easily take things.