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Whitecaps Video Board Offers Entertainment Throughout

Written by CHS Staff

The graphics the whitecaps use are very similar to the type we use in CHS. I like how they use fan experience pictures opposed to the baseball itself. It shows people how going to a ball game or any sports contest can be for more than  the game, it can be just to be with friends.

The performance of the day the whitecaps use varies. One I like was the boomerang video of the pitcher tossing a ball in the air with his stats on the side. I think that’s cool  because it brings the actual player into it.

The graphics they make we can make with our photoshop program easily. I think it is impressive some of our stuff, made by Hamilton kids, is better than stuff a pro baseball team can make. It shows that just because they make more money it doesn’t mean we can’t make them look better.

Another thing they do is a lot of advertisement and coupons to restaurants and stores. This can make the program money for better technology to help improve the graphics and media type stuff.

This program also had a roster in full and showed where the players play and lineups, I think it would be cool for Hamilton to do that with some sports.