2017 Season in Review: Football




Interview with head football coach Chris Myers.

Q: Thoughts on the season?

A: Disappointing, but a learning experience for sure.

Q: Favorite moment of the season?

A: Securing the victory at Sparta, it was an important time obviously.

Q: Toughest part of the season?

A: The kids finding purpose … today kids get things too easily … they need to learn how to work hard and learn how to believe.



CHS also talked with quarterback Luke Myers.

Q: What motivated you to keep working through the season?

A: Just the fact that we came so close every single week like against Unity Christian. We came so close but fell so short and they’re a really good team so obviously we’re doing something right so we just kept busting our tails and got better because we knew it was going to click at some point.

Q: What was the toughest part of the season for you?

A: Just the fact that things weren’t going our way. We tried so hard in practice and gave it our all, but things just weren’t going our way.

Q: What wasn’t going your way?

A: The score board, we tried and we gave it our effort. There are many things that need to be worked on in the offseason whether it is strength or attention to detail.

Q: How did the injury on your ankle affect your season?

A: It ruined my season. It absolutely ruined it because Godwin was my first game at quarterback since freshman year so I was a little nervous playing quarterback. And then at Coopersville we got the ball rolling like we were going, and then I got injured and it just killed my vibe, it destroyed it. Then I had to sit out a couple weeks, and I never got to 100 percent again.

Q: How did you bounce back from your injury?

A: Be tough, lots of ibuprofen, team needs you at some point.

Q: What did you do to lead the team this year being the quarterback? Seeming how being the quarterback comes with a lot of responsibility.

A: That’s part of the battle playing quarterback. You just have try staying positive when you can. It makes it difficult though because when your quarterback, all is on you. And if something doesn’t go your way it’s really easy to hang your head.

Q: So you can’t throw your helmet on the ground when you throw an interception?

A: No, you definitely don’t do that!

Q: What did the team do to prepare differently going into the Sparta game instead of any of the other games?

A: I don’t think we prepared differently. I think it was more of a chip on our shoulders because for seniors, this is our last chance to suit up, and for juniors it’s the last game we get to play with the seniors. So it was like, “If we’re going to do this, it’s now,” and the guys just played out of their minds.