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Feature: Riley Knows…(Two Sports)

Written by CHS Staff

by Allie Jennings

It’s a cold fall Friday evening when all you can hear is your own heart beating.  But all of a sudden you hear the sound of a whistle.  That can only mean one thing… it’s game time!  Now the only thing that matters is scoring the ball and keeping the other team from scoring in our goal.  The game is almost all running for ninety minutes.  Soccer is a very tiring sport.  What would it be like if you had to go straight from a soccer game to a football game?  After running for a whole game you have to go play another game that involves running and tackling, going straight from a soccer game to a football game can make for a very long night.


For an average senior in high school playing two sports in one season is not normal but for Riley Coffey playing two sports in one season doesn’t seem like a big deal.  Riley isn’t alone, there have been a few other people that have played two sports in one season.  For example, Bo Jackson who is a very famous professional athlete played two sports in one season.  He played football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he played baseball for the Kansas City Royals.  Even though playing two sports in one season is rare there are some famous two sport athletes


Riley may seem like just an average high school athlete but when you dig deeper you find that he may have a harder life than most high school students.  In one day he might go from school to a soccer game, to a football game, and then still have to do a couple hours worth of homework and studying.  When asked if his grades are affected by playing two sports he said, “My grades aren’t affected and I always try to get my work done.”  Most high school students like having some time at home to relax and get their homework done.  


Riley makes playing two sports in one season look very easy but once we talked to him we found out that that definitely isn’t the case.  So far this year Riley has only had two Friday nights that he has had to play a soccer game and a football game in the same night.  Even though two games in one night doesn’t happen very often, when it does it’s not the easiest night.  He is a very big necessity to both teams and plays very important positions.


When asked what his favorite part of both sports is he said, “My favorite part of soccer is when everyone works together and everything cliques, and my favorite part of football is kicking field goals and tackling people!”  Riley loves playing soccer and football even if they are in the same season.  He enjoys playing soccer, which he’s been playing for a while and he also enjoys football, which he hasn’t been playing as long.  Riley is more dedicated to soccer because that is his primary sport but he tries to get to as many football practices and games that he can.  

Playing football, soccer, having to do homework, and trying to get a good night of sleep is probably not the most ideal way to spend the fall.  Riley would disagree with that statement.  He said, “It is definitely worth it and I really enjoy playing these sports.”  Even though Riley has a hard fall season he loves playing both sports and wouldn’t change that for anything.


Riley is a very hardworking athlete and he plays very important positions in both sports.  He is an important necessity to the team and his teammates agree with that.  When asked how he felt about Riley not being at everything but still playing a lot his football teammate Mason Timmer said, “I can’t imagine football without Riley and I’m so glad that he can still make it to the games and as many practices as he can.”  Without Riley the football team and soccer team would not be the same.