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A Galaxy Far, Far Away Isn’t That Far Away For Hamilton

Written by CHS Staff

By Kaleb Essink & Brad Osborne

Star Wars is one of the most successful movie franchises in cinematic history. Starting in the late 70’s, its popularity has only grown since the release of A New Hope. Now with the new movies in 2015 and 2017, Disney and Lucas Films have the fans thinking  Star Wars once again. Star Wars has several great characters that are loved and respected by the fans. Here in Hamilton, we have some teachers that are very well respected by our students and share some of the same traits as our beloved Star Wars icons.

Coach Spotts(Boys Track and Field)-Master Yoda

In his 18 consecutive years commanding the Hamilton Boys Track team, Kevin Spotts has become one of the wisest coaches in all of Hamilton. Whatever the situation may be, Coach Spotts always finds a way to spin it so that the athlete or students are always learning. Although Spotts likes to have fun more than any coach in Hamilton, everything is done for a reason. When Master Yoda is training Luke Skywalker in the swamps of Dagobah, Yoda is never seen not teaching.

Coach Myers(Football)-Han Solo

Who doesn’t love Han Solo? The pilot that saved the galaxy and cleared the way for Luke Skywalker to save the galaxy. The pilot that was captured, came back, and helped revive the rebellion. Solo was one who would tell you the truth and never let you down. Coach Myers doesn’t take the glory. He set up a program that on all successes, the credit is given to the players. Coach Myers was also lost in the galaxy didn’t coach football. Hamilton saw rough sledding against the Evil Empire and needed revival. Coach Myers came back, just as Solo did, and saved the football program once again. Hey, who doesn’t love Chris Myers?

Coach VanHekken(Girls Basketball)-Obi Wan Kenobi

Dan VanHekken is one of the most well-known coach, leader, and mentor in the history of Hamilton. But the success didn’t just happen naturally. Every mentor has a mentor themselves. Coach VanHekken started his training in high school and eventually took the skills he learned to college. Through this, Vanhekkenn has come to be very successful. Obi Wan Kenobi started his early training years as a warrior and a young man in training. Kenobi learned through his coaches as well. Master Qui Gon Jin and Yoda were the teachers of Kenobi. And then several years later, just like Vanhekken, Kenobi became a mentor to Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. Both started the apprentice, but end the master.

Coach Pertner(Girls Track and Field)-C-3PO

If you need the stats from a girls track meet from 1996, all you have to do is talk to Coach Pertner. He will tell you any statistic for that matter. The brains of the school, almost like he’s a computer or a calculator. C-3PO is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication and, like Coach Pertner himself, will tell you anything you need to know when talking about probability or statistics. Pertner has been around Hamilton forever as well. C-3PO is one of 2 characters to be in every Star Wars movie ever made in the George Lucas/Disney saga.

Coach Sinkler(Competitive Cheer)-Princess Leia

Adrian Sinkler took over the Hamilton Competitive Cheer program when they were in a dark spot. No one had heard about this country school on the mat. Even people in the high school didn’t even know that we had Cheer team. Then Coach Sinkler took over and everything changed. Hamilton’s worst finish this season in a standard cheer competition is third. In most seasons prior, third would have been considered amazing but this year the Hawkeyes are striving for greatness. Princess Leia was trying to make the galaxy a better place when it was ruled by Emperor Palpatine and the evil Galactic Empire.

Each character serves a purpose and each teacher serves a purpose as well. One thing we can all agree on is how respected these teachers and coaches are to this community. Their selflessness, kindness, and wisdom is what makes them so much like the Star Wars characters we all grew up to love. As Han Solo once said, “May the Force be with you.”