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How Coaches Are Utilizing Social Media

Written by CHS Staff

By Haley Nienhuis

A small town, small school but not a small connection. Hamilton is connected to people inside and outside the community. Thanks to technology and social media teams are opened up to attract and engage a larger crowd in competitions games and activities. Social media shares ideas, virtual communities, career ideas and expresses individuals thoughts, a great, fast way to communicate to the public.


Technology and social media is used everyday for learning, teaching and coaching. Coaches like Adrian Sinkler, the cheer coach believes “any good program uses social media to increase the spotlight of their program.” Coach Sinkler loves to show off her team and update people on their competitions, acknowledging the growing use of social media in our society.


The girls basketball coach Dan VanHekken says he uses social media everyday “mainly to promote and communicate what’s going on in our program.” Social media is a effective way to communicate progress and game score updates.


First year vollleyball coach James Mikolajczyk uses social media daily, in his personal life and as a coach. Mr Mikolajczyk created a team Twitter account allowing the team to connect with each other and their fans, “It’s a way for us to interact electronically.”


Some coaches find more use for social media than others, but even coaches that don’t utilize it as much are making an attempt. The varsity baseball coach. Mr. Grabinski shares that he is working on turning his teams preseason work into a competition between the players in hopes that posting weekly standings will motivate players to be competitive and get better.


What about students? Without students there would be no players, no coaches and no team. So how is this use of social media by coaches affecting not just players but students? Teenagers generally take the path of least obtrusiveness when it comes to getting their news.  They don’t want to go asking around about events and games going on they want to see it where they spend a majority of their time… on social media. Social media is how students stay connected and express themselves, many students turn to social media when they’re bored so what better way to communicate what’s going on at school than ot post it where people will actually see it.


Social media is the device that helps tie HHS into the real world. Hamilton’s Twitter account has almost 1,000 followers keeping up with what’s going on in our community. It’s helpful to communicate ideas and share information with people outside of the school like families and friends that are interested in what we have going on here at Hamilton High School.