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Kaleb Essink and his thirst for journalism

Written by CHS Staff

by Ashton Murphy

As Kaleb approached the mic and his adrenaline kicked in, the fear of mistake creeps up in the back of Kaleb’s mind.  He pushes it aside and continues on with the game announcing every little detail and every little statistic until the games over when the rush of adrenaline fades away and his blood pressure begins to settle.

Kaleb Essink, a junior attending Hamilton High School, has a different passion compared to other people in Hamilton High School.  Kaleb has the drive and passion to pursue a career in journalism; he has done multiple things to improve and extend his skills in journalism.


The students in the class Covering Hawkeye Sports aren’t the only ones working on sports entertainment.

Kaleb Essink is a behind the scenes student for CHS even though he’s not actually registered in the class.


“I just have a passion for journalism, I think it’s a great opportunity, especially in a community like we have”.


Kaleb’s thirst for journalism has opened up job opportunities for Kaleb in the future.  For example, recently Kaleb has taken a tour of a college for openings in the sports entertainment department because a lot of the students that attend the college that are interested in journalism have an opportunity to get into more in depth sports coverage which is beneficial to Kaleb because of his high school experience.


“Kaleb only knows one speed and that’s full speed”


Kaleb’s work ethic has been well known by several people but specifically Mark Behnke, the adviser/teacher of Covering Hawkeye Sports.  Kaleb has done so much for the class that Mr.Behnke and Kaleb have strengthened a relationship that was birthed from their interests in sports statistics and sports entertainment. Mr.Behnke recognized his work ethic and his passion for journalism and has given him his opportunity to shine by investing in a streaming program called “Stretch Internet”. Kaleb mentioned this program during a board meeting with Mr.Behnke and Jessilyn Rockhold. During the board meeting, a member of the board was all for whatever they needed to help Covering Hawkeye Sports.  Kaleb said that we could use stretch internet.


“It’s a great opportunity for us to show what we can do to the entire community”


Kaleb introduced Stretch Internet to Covering Hawkeye Sports and thought it would help because not only you can stream sports in Hamilton but you can stream things like musical performances, plays, etc.  Stretch Internet is used by a lot of smaller colleges like Ferris State and Wayne State which is promising because we could join in on the revolution of the program.


Kaleb Essink has shown great respect and support for the Hamilton community he lives in, his passion and experience will help improve his skills in journalism and hopefully a prospering career in the future.