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Written by Isaac Sterenberg

By Isaac Sterenberg

“Playing multiple sports in high school pushes you to meet so many new and talented people that there seems to be way more ups than downs. And you can always count on your teammates during the downs.” Said sophomore AJ Ediger who plays Basketball, Volleyball, and also throws discus and shotput. Everybody transitions from sport to sport differently but most high school athletes do. What matters is how well they can transition quickly.

As a student athlete who transitioned from sport to sport myself I think that  many people just think its a routine but for most athletes there are things that need to be done differently.For example diet,In many sports diet doesn’t necessarily matter but for other sports like wrestling there are weight restrictions and body fat percentage requirements.Then to go from a sport like wrestling when most of the time you are trying to lose weight and stay under to football when they want you to gain weight and be as strong as possible especially as a lineman. It is a very tough thing to do.There is also a less chance of athletic burnout because It’s no secret that nowadays athletes struggle with burnout. For most athletes being pushed to play year round can cause them to lose the passion they once had. And usually, this means they won’t have the desire to play in college.But with playing multiple sports getting the variety of different experiences and give them a chance to get the drive to play each sport when they are playing the other sports.

“Some challenges are just new teams, each team is made up of different people and you have to be able to work well with everyone if you want your team to be good and win”.Said Quentin Soerens who play Basketball,Football and does track.In sports players become more than just a team they become a family.So moving from team to team can be good at times but can also be weird and awkward but it can also be life changing.Life time friends many a times meet when they play the same sport on the same team.So not having that connection with your team and playing with them can sometimes complicate the game.The connection of athletes and the sports that they play also play a role in what they do in the offseason and when they aren’t at school or practice.The things that just doing a sport can do for the social and emotional aspect of life is astonishing.They can help with self-esteem and Social competence which in high school does a lot more than you would think.It also keeps athletes away from drugs,alcohol, and other illegal activities.

Multi sport athletes put a lot of strain on their bodies by going straight from one sports season to the next and they have to think about how differently they have to use their bodies and the different muscles they have to use.They have to retrain their muscles for that specific sport that they are playing.Some sports do help with the others like basketball is a lot of running and conditioning which can keep you in shape for track or baseball but they still use different muscles and that can put a lot of strain your body and a lot of times injures become very normal and they play through them.Again, injuries are a common part of athletics. It’s not often that a player will play their whole career without some injury. But a problem for multiple sport athletes is getting injured in a sport that they play in their offseason. That injury could cause problems for them in their main sport or worse; they could miss time in their primary sport. There is also the other side of sports the coaching.Being a coach can a big burden on your outside life.

“Coaching better be your passion and hobby.  You don’t have time to “go have fun now” when coaching is over.” Said Philip Koops who coaches middle schools wrestling,track , and has just accepted the varsity football head coach postion.As he said coaching isn’t just a job,to be a coach you have to put your whole life into it and dont have alot of off time to do other things espesial for a new head coach trying to continue to rebuild the program back to what was Hamilton Football not just on the field but also off it.There is absolutely no question that an athlete’s experience within his or her sport is almost completely colored by the type of coach that they are lucky or unlucky enough to draw. A good coach will teach the athlete to love the sport. They will inspire that athlete to dream big and take risks in pursuit of that goal. They will motivate the athlete to work hard, push through pain and fatigue and bounce back from setbacks and failures.So with a coach like Philip koops coaching more than one sport many athletes are going to be impacted by his influence.

Coaching  more than one sport can also help them become better coaches in general and make the teams that they are coaching better also.Aaron Toler head coach of Boys basketball at  Bethany High School said

“Coaching multiple sports has helped me become a better basketball coach. I am employed at a smaller school, so I help coach softball and have helped with soccer, both in addition to my basketball coaching duties. I really enjoy coaching different sports because it allows me to learn from other coaches. I like getting the opportunity to coach and build relationships with players that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.”

“Yes, I think coaching multiple sports has helped me greatly.Different sports emphasis different athletic attributes in their participants, so getting to be around many sports has broadened my knowledge base as a coach.  It’s also allowed me to be around many great coaches that if I only coached one sport I would have never gotten the joy of knowing.”,Said Philips Koops agreeing with Aaron Toler

The most important part of the multisport athletes transition is how quickly and effectively they can go from sport to sport.Also that playing more than one sport can make you better in the upcoming sports that you will play and the things that you learn from the coaches can help you in your life after high school.Many people think that being a multisport athletes are the same as athletes that only do one but for both athletes and their coaches if you are going to play,coach, or be involved you have to be committed to doing so and work your hardest to benefit you and your team.You have to be a different breed of athlete to go through the struggle of playing more than one sport and going from each of those sports to the other.Leaving the relationships you had with your teammates and going to another and having to make the same relations with brand new people.Also the physical aspect of thing can be hard on the body too.To go from a sport like football where the coaches want you to be as big and as strong as possible to a sport like wrestling where there is a weight requirement can be strenuous on your body.