Hamilton Baseballs Thirst for Revenge

Written by Ashton Murphy

By: Ashton Murphy

It’s the bottom of the last inning, the tension is high. Everyone filling the field is sweating with anxiety, waiting, just waiting for the final pitch to be thrown. To see if Hamilton will be advancing into creating history for the lifetime of the high school. As the thought of victory winds through the team’s head, the final pitch is thrown. As the ball leaves the pitchers finger tips and makes its way to home plate everyone is on the brink of their seats, devouring, savouring, Every moment of intense agony endured for the glory of Hamilton High School. As the ball travels across the plate and the bat strikes at an immense power. The ball connects with the bat, hits the ground, and starts rolling. It scurries right past shortstop and in everyone’s horror it continues to run on into the outfield sealing Hamilton’s failure and the last game of their playoff run.

Hamilton baseball had an outstanding season but a disappointing and saddening ending. We can all feel the pain and vengeance of Hamilton’s baseball team, but there is hope. Hamilton baseball has been making a rebounding in the attitude of revenge and moving forward.

¨As coaches we are constantly using a variety of resources to try to find new drills or ways of teaching certain skills¨

As quoted in this text, Mr.Grabinski, the varsity baseball coach. He states that the team’s chemistry has been improving and that everyone gets along as a team should. Improvements and efforts have been made to increase the strength of the teams relationship between one another. Hamilton baseball has been making clear pushes in the direction of victory among history. Chasing for a district title that they missed last year.

¨We’ve focused a lot on improving our mental focus and we’ve made great strides in that area over the last few weeks¨

¨As coaches we are constantly using a variety of resources to try to find new drills or ways of teaching certain skills¨

As seen on these two quotes from Mr.Grabinski quotes, the team effort has increased and they’re playing style is changing according to the players strengths and aggression on the field. The players of Hamilton baseball have since the last season of loss, made a large increase in intensity among playing in actual game time and practice. The team strives for improvement and a boost in confidence for every win and mistake fixed. Hamilton baseball is definitely making its comeback to being a strong and unbroken team, full of intensity and passion for a chance back at the district title.

¨We are really focusing on mistakes made last year so that we’re ready now¨

This quote is from varsity baseball player Shawn Scholten. He has played baseball for 12 years of his life and now is ending his high school baseball career. Shawn in this quote shows that the team is making efforts for improvement. Shawn has had a great season and this quote definitely proves his words and reasoning for the improvement. Hamilton baseball has a great future ahead of it and Shawn has set up great opportunities for the uprising players of the next generations to come.

In conclusion, the Baseball team of Hamilton high school is not taking last season’s tragic loss to heart but instead turning it into feel for the theoretical wheel of the team. To power through hardship and loss among the players and coaches. The improvement shows and the strength is guaranteed to only increase and grow among the players. And as the seniors leave for their final season they have well set a precedent for the upcoming generations of performers, to exceed and to create history for the school of Hamilton high school and its communities. To foresee that the upcoming generations will have the same strength and integrity as the past players have set for them. The seniors have set a standard and expectation for the next herd of Hamilton baseball players and the future is soon to come and it’s coming quickly.