What is next for the fifth best cross country runner in Hamilton history?

Written by Cooper Fasbender

What is next for the fifth best cross country runner in Hamilton history? With track season taking off, and the fifty-second place runner in the state getting close to ending his season, junior Havi Carroll has a lot to prepare for, including this years state meets. It is his third year in high school track. Havi Carroll is a distance runner, and he has a personal best of 4:44 for his mile, and 10:08 for his two mile.

Havi’s running career had started his freshman year of high school. “ I Was new to the sport of track”, and said “I had never done cross country, but I eventually had started training with Luke Koopman, beginning my legacy.” Luke Koopman has been and still is a big inspiration to Havi to this day, and now that Luke has since graduated, Havi has worn a Bubba Gump hat just about every day he runs, that was given to him by Luke, “In honor of THE Luke Koopman.” The interesting part about his running career though, is that he had no interest in running whatsoever, as he started the freshman track season pole vaulting.

“I realised I had great potential when I ran at a division two state race and realised I can truly achieve anything if I work hard and make sacrifices to make my goals, which has caused me to grow as a person.” said Havi when we asked him when he first realised the running potential he had.

This track season has been very successful for Havi, as both of his current personal records has been obtained from this year. Havi is on good pace to make Division one in college, as he cut about fifteen seconds off of his mile time personal record from last year which was 4:56. A good or average mile time for division one track would be around 4:25, which he is on a good track towards, and would even place him top five in multiple races. If he could even shave his mile time down to 4:05 or 4:10 in a few years he could even be on the elite level of division one Track and Field.

Would Havi have an equal chance at cross country division one as he would for track and field? Havi’s Personal record for cross country is 16:31 which is already very good, because he is only twenty seconds away from qualifying for division one and it is much easier to cut some time off of a 5k then it is for a one or two mile run. Not only that but he had cut well over a minute from his record from sophomore year 5k time and has plenty of potential for Senior year, although the pressure is on.

Now that Havi is already a junior, if he had wanted to do both cross country and track and field, he would sure have to work for it. He’s had a great high school career, but still needs to cut off around twenty seconds from each sport to qualify for division one. Havi Carroll is also the best distance runner on the cross country and track teams, as he has a nine second lead for the one mile run.  

How difficult is it to cut time though? Cutting time and staying in peak running shape takes more than just running. Yes you do need to get some good mileage in but it’s definitely not just mindless running, there’s a point behind each day. Before even running comes a lot of focus on breathing and form, because without a good breathing pattern it will totally destroy your running and Luke Koopman always said, “The person with the best form wins.” After you have that down you need to make sure you get speed days in, long distance days,tempo runs, and most importantly days of rest and recovery. Without rest and recovery, injury is bound to happen.

Despite his big aspirations Havi wishes to go to a smaller college, hoping for a division two school which is also reasonably priced, as not every college will give out a scholarship. That is a disadvantage of going to a division one school to run, because sadly they most likely wouldn’t give a scholarship to Havi if he was a low tier division one runner, although he may have a chance at division two but he has to keep his head up.

After Havi fulfills his dreams of being a college runner, he would also like to go into physical therapy, where he can help other athletes similar to him. He loves to know how he can help out and know why something occurs when injury is present as he has experienced himself. Havi has struggled throughout his career at important times recently even with tendonitis, inflammation, knots in his muscles, nasty pains, and bloody feet from running his butt off, but that is “What toughens me and builds my sense of caution.” he proclaimed.

What makes Havi Carroll truly stand out from the crowd not only is his great running ability or his natural humorous nature, but his grit, and his strive for greatness is why Havi has been so successful without a lifetime worth of running.