Will Trevor Guillozet finally make state for the varsity golf team?

Written by Nathaniel Byrne

After missing state by 2 strokes last year, Trevor will for sure be looking to make the cut for state this year on the Varsity golf team.  

Trevor Guillozet is a hidden gem on the boys varsity golf team. He’s one of the few guys in the conference that can shoot under par more than once a year, and still pushes himself to be a better golfer. Golf is a tough sport and being consistently the highest scoring player on the Boys varsity golf team, Guillozet has the highest chance to make state this year over the other golfers on the team, and he’ll be trying to do that.

His first score of the year being a 39 and his best of the year being a 2 under par on 9 holes, that being a 34. No one else has even shot for par on the team this year. Guillozet making state could be a big deal for Hamilton. Considering they probably won’t be the best in the conference as a whole team, and they won’t have much of a playoff team anyways after regionals.

It’ll be good to have someone of his type to be a leader for the younger guys and JV golfers coming up next year, and to be a good example for others because golf is a 90 percent mental sport, Guillozet stays cool when he’s not playing his best and can overcome the mental attack he gets. It’s a very cool thing to see when he has a double bogey on one hole but can birdie, or eagle, the next hole with ease.

Hamilton hasn’t had a golfer of his type since Nick Carlson. Who’s now playing for U of M. Guillozet’s played number one every match he’s played and will for the remainder of their matches.  

Being great at Golf, a difficult sport/game as it is, is a big deal for Hamilton. The strategy and thought that’s put into it and the raw skill that’s needed to be even good at the sport golf is impressive. A great golfer takes more than those skills, it takes determination and the want to be better, and Guillozet is extraordinary and still becoming better.

After talking with Guillozet for a while, is seemed to me that he was confident in making state this year, he wants to as well. He said “It’s a goal of mine to make it there, I’m not sure on if I will, but I’m definitely trying to.”  He isn’t Tiger Woods but for Hamilton he was their big thing.

I’ve had the privilege to golf with Guillozet multiple times, and he is worth all the hype. It’s special to just watch him tee off and watch his driver shot go straight and smoothly land 300 plus yards up the fairway. And then watch him birdie a hole on what some would consider a miraculous putt. And celebrate with a golf style Tiger Woods fist pump. The first time I golfed with Guillozet he had eight pars in a row. The last hole was a par four and he was on the green in two shots. He was still around 25 feet from the hole.

He had previously putted for bogey, and he was up. After a few minutes of studying the green, he was ready, the putt rolled down and broke about five feet to the left, then right, then into the hole, it was ridiculous.

Although he doesn’t plan on golfing after high school with a scholarship. Golf is still a lifelong skill that sticks with you. And I’m sure he will continue to golf after high school is over and done with for him. Guillozet is a senior, so being his last year he is trying to get the most out of it and maintain his grades so he can graduate. He’s left a good mark on Hamilton golf, and the JV guys that had the privilege to play with him got a good amount of tips and tricks.

He probably won’t be getting a D1 scholarship and he’s ok with that. He’s just happy he’s gotten the opportunity to be a varsity golfer all of his high school career. Guillozet is a blast to play with, he’s got a sense of humor like no one else and has a great positive attitude that people enjoy on and off the course.