CHS Profile- Varsity Tennis #4 Doubles Team

Written by CHS Staff

By: Will Ruiter

Hamilton, MICH- This season of Hamilton Varsity Boys’ Tennis a new team has emerged with Freshman Mason Blauwkamp, and Junior Trent Lampen. Although this is Mason’s first season on varsity, the team chemistry between Lampen and Blauwkamp is building. 

“Winning made it easy to work fluently early in the season, and then we could build up our chemistry from there,” says Blauwkamp. “I have learned that Trent cares a lot about tennis and can get frustrated at times, but so do I, and I have learned that Trent can make sure that I keep my head in the game.” 

The team has had many challenges in strong Unity Christian teams and Zeeland West teams. “I have been able to adjust to playing with Trent by making sure that I keep my head in the game and accept mistakes easier, whether they are my mistakes or his, because there are a lot of mistakes in tennis.”

Lampen and Blauwkamp went on to win consecutive 3-set matches against Zeeland West and Unity. “We had to battle through adversity in both matches, but we came out on top.”

Through and through this team has gotten better through this first part of the season. “I would say that me and Trent have improved as a team by trying to stay consistent and focusing on not making mistakes rather than trying to win every point on our own,” says Blauwkamp, “We also try to communicate a lot, which has improved our play and chemistry.”

Fellow teammate Marinus Reister also has seen good things from this group, especially their tenacity to hold on in a game.

           “Their biggest positive is their ability to work together as a team,” says Reister, “I have seen them improve on serves, overheads, and their general groundstrokes.”

Even though there can be times Lampen and Blauwkamp encounter struggles, Reister says, “They’ve stayed pretty consistent in their playing ability, they’ve certainly had their moments but so does everyone.”