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The hidden secret of Hamilton Golf…Kevin Arnold

Written by CHS Staff

“Kevin Arnold, a goofy, fun, caring, hard working man” were a few words described when asked by former golfer Brendan Kramer, a 3 year participant in the golf program. Another former player and employee of Diamond Springs Golf Course, Jess Rockhold, stated that her favorite thing about Arnold was, “He definitely tells it how it is, he’s a truthful man, but that makes him really funny sometimes.”

For the past 10 years he has been the Boys and Girls Varsity Golf head coach but alongside with being a coach he is a PGA professional teaching pro. Arnold is only 1 out of nearly 29,000 PGA professionals of America.

Mr. Arnold is also an avid hunter, going on many different hunting excursions throughout his life. He loves hunting with a passion and it has been a part of his family for many years. In the Diamond Springs Golf Proshop he has a set of antlers from his dad’s 10 point buck.

 Arnold is most definitely a relationship building kind of guy; he loves being around the young golfers and seeing fresh young talent on his golf course. In his free time, he loves to play but he is a super busy man around the golf course, leaving little time to golf on his own. As the head pro of Diamond Springs GC he has a lot of responsibility with anything from golfers to the course condition, to profits. 

Arnold coaches boys in the spring with the JV golf coach Mr. Jeff Kolk, or as the golfers on the team say “Coach K.” Kolk and Arnold have a very tight relationship. He refers to Arnold as “Uncle Kev” which just shows how much of a fun family guy he is and how goofy and fun he is at practice and matches. 

Throughout his time coaching, Arnold has impacted so many lives along the way and Hamilton hopes he stays in the program for many more years to come.